The sea sees no boundaries, nor borders. It treats all of us equally, and it’s what connects us all. Our love for the sea has been knitted into our DNA for generations. It gives us new friends, and new experiences. From the west coast of Sweden, sailors have set out into the world and explored oceans and continents for ages. This urge to explore has been handed down through generations into our days. These journeys have built our culture, and inspired us to gaze upon, and beyond, the horizon. Our garments are made for people who enjoy the coastal diversity and life by the bay, by the sea, on the shore. Our traveling continues, and so does our love for the sea. This is our haven. Välkommen.

Our story is about knitting and craftmanship. And our unfailing source of inspiration: The big blue. The ocean. The sea. On our part, it was love at first sight. At the very first encounter, we felt an unconditional love and a strong connection with it. The sea. It provides space and serenity, and it gives us an urge to explore. It nourishes our adventurous side. It gives us a breath of fresh air. And most of all, it gives us room to be creative and the inspiration to broaden our minds.

Along the western coastline of Sweden the weather can change in an instant. It is brutally unpredictable, thrilling, and so fawningly beautiful that it will literally take your breath away. Every time you see it, it will leave an impression. From here you can go just about anywhere, this is where it all starts. By the sea which connects us all.

Caleb Crew

Cody Raglan

Estelle Crew

Ewan Raglan

Janet Ladies Peacoat

Linnea top

Linnea Wide Top

Lola Trouser

Marianne Crew

Norman Crew Vintage

Petrus Raglan

Sabina V-Neck

Sabina Crew

Steven Crew

Sue Top

Terry Boatneck