To the sea we are all equal. It sees no boundaries, nor borders, and it connects us all. For ages, sailors have set out from the coasts of Sweden, to let the seas take them to new places, new continents. This urge to explore has built our culture, and still today, it inspires us to look beyond the horizon. Our garments are made for those who enjoy the coastal diversity and life by the bay, by the sea, on the shore. Those who enjoy that certain mellowness and the corrosion. Those who know that the sea makes no distinction between people. Our traveling continues, and so does our love for the sea. This is yours to fall in love with. Välkommen.

Holebrook is a small fish in a big sea. When we first dipped our toes in the ocean, we made a choice. We decided to do what we believe in: to always put a little more time, love and effort into our design, our materials and into our manufacturing. And there is an easy reason why. We simply want to contribute to a more sustainable world, with garments that feels good to wear, and that are made to last. This is why we always choose fabrics, yarns, leather details, buttons, and business cooperations with care. And it is why we make our garments from sustainable materials and with careful hands, by skilled artisans and durable cooperations.

We believe that wise choices, good material and sound relations can make a difference. When you choose a garment from Holebrook, you will also invest in something grand: classic design, high quality wool and cotton, and genuine craftmanship. We hope you will enjoy all of it for a long time to come.

Nea Long Vest

Meja Skirt


Gina Rollneck

Vanna Crew

Hollie Zip Jacket

Freja Turtleneck

Wanda Crew

Helene Coat

Sabina Crew

Carmen Crew

Pearl Turtle Dress

Assar Crew

John Crew

Darren Jacket


Commander Rollneck

Melvin Crew

Hilding Crew

Erwin Turtle

Alfred Crew

Olle Rollneck