It doesn’t make it easy on any of us. The fall. You can even tell it by its name.
But, hey, remember it’s also colorful and brisk, and if nature dresses up warmly and saturated, why shouldn’t you? Enjoy it, stay warm, wear wool. Take in the fresh air, and embrace your fall – with love.

Adam Crew

Alpaca Wool. Alpacas live on high altitudes in the Andean region of South America. The wool has a perfectly soft structure, which gives garments a wonderful feel.

Extra Fine Merino Wool. Merino wool comes from the merino sheep, and has fine and curly 9 fibres. Its yarn is genuinely soft and nice to wear, and it is also one of today’s most popular yarns.

Take a walk, choose the bright side. Cuddle up, fall asleep. Feel the flora decaying. Look up, at the clear blue skies, feel the breeze. Look within yourself, and take care of what you find; it’s valuable. Fall is such a wonderful cliché.

Chloe V-Neck

Mohair is wool from the Angora goat. Its fibres are a few centimetres long, which gives the garment a perfectly soft and a somewhat furry feel to it.

Sienna Dress

Every fall is its own kind. Own it. The casual Tuesday, and the dressed-up Friday. Blend in or stand out, be kind. Wear it out, love it. Press play, dive in, and move on. Choose what you love, love what you choose.
After every storm comes a calm.

Luke Rollneck

Cotton is a natural material, and when spun into yarn, it becomes both soft and strong at the same time. Garments made from cotton are easily cared for, and cool and comfy to wear.

Look cool, stay warm. Stay curious, take yourself seriously. Laugh out loud, never underestimate the power of paying someone a compliment. Dress for success, join the wool empowerment. Be confident, claim your ideas.
Your future is right in front of you.

Sebastian Crew

All of our garments are knitted and manufactured in Europe. Yarns, fabrics and details are of highest quality, carefully chosen to fit our ideas. To strive for conscious consumption and sustainable production goes without saying for us, and many of our yarns are organic.

Sienna Dress

Judit Cardigan

Amber Coat

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Holebrook Shirt

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